Niels Marinus Pedersen Sept 28,1851-Feb 18,1940—

Christine Jensen 1852-1935





Mary Janssen, Margarethe Dalrymple, Alice Petersen, Esther Oerum, Dorothy Norris, Dorothy Coursey Petersen, Astrid Petersen, Linda Olson Raymond, Dolores Bauer Hess.



·                     As told by Arthur Pedersen (son of Niels)

My father loved guns and loved to go hunting.  He was a crack shot and always brought home game.  Rabbits, ducks and geese were quite plentiful in those days (1870-80) and he got his share.   One winter he shot 21 red foxes and of course, sold the pelts.  He had belonged to a gun club in his younger days which had target shooting for prizes on holidays and Sundays.  Well, one day he was just there shooting at a target when the next shooter came up to shoot with his finger on the trigger and stumbed and shot my father's right leg below the knee and shattered it so badly it had to be amputated.  That did not stop him from hunting.  Being a woodworker he made himself a wooden leg so that he walked almost without a limp and he put a wooden foot on it so he would not sink in the soft earth when hunting.



                                                                                                   Mary Petersen Janssen, Arthur Petersen