Edward A. Griffith 1870--Henrietta Dalrymple 1870-,



Married 50 Years

Mr. And Mrs. Edward A. Griffith

Mr. And Mrs. Edward A. Griffith, of 30 11th Street NE., were married on December 23, 1890 by the Rev. Moore Ede, the rector of St. Mary’s Episcopal church, Gateshead, county Durham, England and Monday will mark their golden wedding anniversary.  Mr. And Mrs. Griffith will have a family dinner at the Massillion Woman’s club in celebration of the day.  In the evening from 7:30 to 9:00 a reception will be held when Mr. And Mrs. Griffith will receive their relatives and friends.

     Mr. and Mrs. Griffith move from Pittsburgh to Massillion.  Mr. Griffith was born in Witton Park, county Durham and Mrs. Henrietta Griffith  was the former Henrietta Dalrymple of Gateshead, county Durham.

     Mr. And Mrs. Griffith have three children, Dr. Edward A. Griffith of Pittsburgh, Mrs. Ivy E Kenneweg of Warren, and Miss Henrietta Jane Griffith in Garfield Heights school, Cleveland, and two grandchildren.

Presented by Brian & Carol Dalrymple