John Bennette—Emeline Vaughan


 Abe, John, Doc, Claude, Nowlin brothers




  Before the year 1923, 

there was four brothers born somewhere 

in Virginia, their names were, 

John, Claude, Doc and Abe.  

At some point in time, 

one of them apparently shot a man 

and was put in prison.  

The other three brothers pulled an escape

 for him and they all headed for SD on horseback! 

 When they got there they decided to change 

their name to "Bennett".


They decided that SD was not safe 

enough so they all headed for Canada.  

In Canada, Claude and Doc kept their 

name of Nowlin.


John Bennett / Nowlin, married, 

had one child, which was "George".  

John's wife died of the flu after WW1.


Now, we do not know exactly how 

John Bennett became acquainted 

with a family in South Dakota by the 

name of Philip and Mille Vaughn, 

but he did, and somehow, 

he pursuaded their oldest daughter called, 

"Emiline" to run away with him to 

Canada and elope.  Emiline was only 

15 years old!  John Bennett / Nowlin, 

was 25 years older than Emiline! 

John and Emiline had six or seven 

children together! This event happened 

before my Mother was born in 1923.


So when the Vaughn's found out that 

Emiline was in Canada, they moved to 

Canada too!  Then, their other two 

daughters met and married into the 

Bennett / Nowlin Clan!  Mary Vaughn 

married Abe Bennett / Nowlin and 

her sister Beatrice Vaughn, married 

Abe's Son, Art who kept the name of Nowlin!


My Mother, was born as the first child 

of Art and Beatrice Nowlin, they named 

her Hazel! Seven more children followed, 

Gordon, Loretta, Neil, Glen, Gwen, 

Shirely and Virginia!


John's Son, "George", your Great Grandpa, 

was then the "Step Son" of Emiline, and was 

as old or older than she!  George married, 

had a Son named, "Kent", his wife died 

and as far as we know George never 

married again. 

 George would show up from time to time 

in Bellsite, where his dad and Emiline lived 

and all his step brothers and sisters!


Now a point of interest:  Abe Bennett / Nowlin, 

was married to Mary Vaughn and Abe's Son, 

Art Nowlin, was married to Mary's Sister, 

Beatrice, so then, Abe was My Mothers 

Grandpa, but, he was also her Uncle!


Another point of interest:  "Doc Nowlin", 

the brother of Abe, John and Claude, 

must have been the one who escaped the 

prison in Virginia for My Mother said he 

always had a loaded shot gun in his hands 

when he came to the door of his cabin!


My Mother, Hazel Nowlin, married, 

Philip Weber in 1941 at Bellsite, 

Manitoba and I am their "First Born Son", 

whom they named; Richard Weber. 

I have two bothers and

 two sisters who are very dear to my heart!  

After me was born My Sister Marjorie, 

then My Brother Ken, then Sister Francis 

and the youngest, My Brother Gordon!


And so the Family Tree continues to grow 

around the world, one at a time!





So we hope this was helpful to 

your search and please keep in touch 

with any info you should discover!





Rich & Joyce Weber


  North Bend, B.C. Canada