Hans August Petersen—Marie Olsen




Great Grandpa's Petersen's Family Tree

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 The parents of Hans :

Hans August Petersen and

Marie Olsen. Hans August was born 15/8 1859, Fridericia and died 24/1 1942, Nr.Aaby.

Marie Olsen was born 11/11 1863, Indslev

and died 5/3 1940, Nr.Aaby.


 From 1923. Hans Marius Theodor

was in Denmark at that time.

Sitting from left :

Johanne Dorthea (daughter) -

Marie Olsen -

Hans August Petersen -

Inger Constance (daughter)

Standing from left:
Rasmus (married to Johanne) -
Hans Marius Theodor Petersen -
Aage Alfred (son) -
Gerda (married to Peder Samuel) –
Valdborg (married to Aage Alfred) –
Peder Samuel(son) –
Johanne (married to Thorvald Viggo) –
Thorvald Viggo (son) –
Nielsine Marie (married to Axel,
she is my great grandmother) –
Axel (son, he is my great grandfather) –
Thorvald (married to Inger Constance)
Presented By
Ole Hindse Madsen
Ebberup, Denmark.